Platte Valley Public Art Project

Support more art in the Valley!

The Platte Valley Arts Council (PVAC) already owns six murals placed in public areas of the community. In addition, several businesses have added murals to their properties in the past couple of years. PVAC created a haybale sculpture competition to highlight everyday art four years ago as a lead into this new public art project.

The project goal is to promote art and encourage discussions amongst those who experience this art. This program will further the reputation of our “artist friendly” communities with the results of increasing economic diversity, quality of life, and population growth.

Grand Reveal Event

PVAC commissioned six artists to create public art which will be installed at various locations in the Platte Valley communities of Saratoga. Encampment and Riverside. A Grand Reveal Event will be planned after installation is complete. The event will be held on Saturday, September 3, 2022 from starting at 11 am at the Platte Valley Community Center Theater.

Meet the Artists

Introduction of the participating artists, donors and funders, and property owners will be made and a performance by a local dance troupe will be featured. Attendees will then be treated to a light lunch and live music in the courtyard.  Starting at 1:00pm, everyone is invited to explore the Valley and discover the newly installed public art pieces. The artists will be stationed at their site to answers questions until 4 pm.  In addition to these new pieces, people will be able to visit other public art pieces throughout the Valley.  A list will be distributed so that one can be sure to see them all.

Additional Art

One of the murals will be painted by students and residents of the Valley in the days prior to the Grand Reveal Event on September 3.  Kids and adults can help mix colors to complete the "paint-by-number" outline on a fence at Harmony Park.

In addition to the commissioned works, a temporary mosaic mural will be on display.  This collaborative mural is a fundraiser for the public art project.  For $20, one can purchase a kit, paint their very own 6-inch tile, and then it will be included the large mosaic mural.

Community Benefits

PVAC believes this project will be beneficial to our community because art is a critical component in economic development and community development.  New residents and tourists enjoy the arts, and site it as a top criterion for relocation and vacation destinations.  Since the median age of our community is higher than the state, it is important to encourage young families to consider small-town living.   Involvement in volunteer boards and committees encourage inclusion.  PVAC will continue to promote art awareness, education, participation, and advocacy.  Art sustains community members by providing cultural activities and events for families.

Whether you can donate $5 or $500, your contribution is appreciated. Please help support art in the Upper North Platte River Valley and the PVAC Public Art Project.

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