April 27, 2023

Platte Valley Arts Council spotlights a need

Saratoga schools need assistance to purchase musical instruments
School music programs are struggling everywhere, and Saratoga's schools are no different. Shirley Hillyard, President of the Platte Valley Arts Council (PVAC) reached out to Ivy Palmer, the band instructor for Saratoga elementary and middle school, asking if they needed anything. Hillyard said, "I soon realized that the need was far greater than I had anticipated." She was told that the funds needed were approximately $7000.00.
Hillyard said PVAC has funds available and they are working on other possibilities such as grants in order to raise the funds need to help Carbon County schools music programs. Hillyard has some instruments that she has repurposed into art pieces, but she is going to donate them to the music program to be auctioned off at the Spring Concert on May 2. Additional instruments have also been donated for the auction by other residents. These items will be offered in a silent auction until after the concert on May 2. The items can be seen and bid on at the Platte Valley Community Center.
Call or text Shirley Hillyard for more information at 307-321-7833.
One of the spectacular items donated by Hillyard-a lighted guitar