October 4, 2022

Platte Valley Arts Council Wins Grant Award

The PVAC wins $10,000 grant award from The Laura Jane Musser Fund.

The Platte Valley Arts Council was recently notified that it had won a $10,000 grant award from The Laura Jane Musser Fund.  

The Rural Arts Initiative grant places priority on organizations that increase access to the arts through scholarships, hands-on activities, community venues,workshops, discounts and other innovations. The ability to demonstrate capacity to engage their community in the creation of art and show support from their community (through volunteerism, membership, in-kind, or other types of support) are key criteria.

The mission of the PVAC is to foster awareness of and participation in any form of the arts, with the aim of developing vibrant and cohesive communities.

Platte Valley Arts Council recently finished the Platte Valley Public Art Project in which six artists completed seven works of art for the Valley.  The Grand Reveal was held September 3.  The annual Haybale Sculpture Competition will be held at the end of this month.  

In January, the PVAC Board of Directors will hold a strategic planning session to plan the 2023-24 calendar of events and programs.  PVAC President Alyson Sneddon shared her excitement about the grant, stating “PVAC can now think outside-the-box and possibly expand our scope of services.”

For more information about the The Laura Jane Musser Fund grant programs, contact Mary Karen Lynn-Klimenko at admin@musserfund.org.

For more information about the Platte Valley Arts Council, please contact plattevalleyarts@yahoo.com  or visit the new website, www.plattevalleyarts.com.