November 9, 2022

SunnyCup wins Haybale Scultpure Competition

The winner of the 2022 Hay Bale Sculpture Contest is SUNNYCUP, garnering 260 votes on the PVAC's Facebook page. Shirley Hillyard designed and executed the haybale display on behalf of SunnyCup in downtown Saratoga. The Alice in Wonderland themed sculpture was titled "Mad Tea Party" and featured whimsical stacked tea cups and saucers. The giant teapot made of a round haybale was the anchor to the display. Small haybales served as "selfie stations".

The presentation of the traveling trophy included Nancy Ford (Platte Valley Arts Council Board Member), Shirley Hillyard (SunnyCup & Arts Council), Cassie Kraft Orduno (SunnyCup), Mary Martin (Arts Council), Rachel Swanson (Arts Council).