Jamie Waugh

Wyoming native and artist, Jamie Waugh, is better known for her jewelry work in sterling silver under the name Bandita Bones. Jamie works to master controlled accidents and wild strokes in her favorite mediums of metal and paint - allowing the materials to have a say in the matter.

Her expressive style of portraiture is heavily influenced by the men and women of the western working class, as well as the harsh weather and terrain one encounters on the back roads of southern Wyoming. Transitioning from a rural to urban environment and back again left with her a combination of western traditionalism mixed with industrial rawness in her work.

Throughout the years, Jamie has been a featured artist in galleries on the Front Range of Colorado, such as Fort Collins and Denver, as well as Steamboat Springs. She currently resides in her hometown of Saratoga, Wyoming after a twelve year hiatus to the state below.

A family friend introduced Jamie to painting at a young age and taught her the importance of properly cleaning brushes. Since then, art making is prominent in her life. When creating, Jamie spends most of her time painting or making silver jewelry. Leisure time is spent snowshoeing with family or lying on river beaches next to swimming holes with dogs and friends. She finds inspiration in nature and in her loved ones who she feels embody a certain mystique of the west.

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