Micayla Crimmins

Micayla Crimmins has always been influenced by art, as her mother has been a member of the Platte Valley Arts Council for 25 years (since 1995).  As a young girl, Micayla would volunteer behind the scenes at Saratoga, Wyoming’s Annual Platte Valley Art Festival where she met several professional artists that had advice beyond her years.Micayla’s extended family has artistic influence over her as well.  However, she didn’t express her interest in art until much later in life it has been a part of her before she fell in love with creating.  She began custom loom beading in 2010 and founded her business in 2013.  Micayla has always been creative in various avenues, and in 2019 she began watercolor painting in addition.Micayla is currently pursing her Master’s degree in Animal Science in New Mexico; where the creative inspirations have flourished. In her free time she enjoys raising border collies, leather work and ranching.

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