Trisha Kauffman

Since childhood, a passion for sketching and painting has been the source of Trisha’s unique artistic development. Experimenting in pottery and sculpture, she received an Associated Degree in Art at San Antonio Junior College where she studied color, design, sculpture & life drawing.

Upon moving to Colorado in 1994, Trisha began exploring the art of stained glass and has been developing her talents and techniques ever since. "I really enjoy working in glass because it's a medium that constantly changes as the light reflects off of each piece. It never looks the same, so it's an adventure to view the luminescence during different times of the day!"

Fused glass / slumped glass and kiln cast glass have become her latest passion. Creating dichroic glass bowls and dichroic jewelry has become an exciting way to fulfill her love of the medium while developing her own unique style.

Trisha's love of nature is reflected in her stained glass trout pieces where she combines painting skills with stained glass & fusing.  Her husband who is an avid fly fisherman helps to critique her trout scenes. She works in her studio where she began her part-time business, "A Pane in the Glass." Her work is displayed in shops & galleries in Estes Park, Fort Collins, Stapleton, Colorado, and Saratoga, Wyoming.

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